Nintendo's Pokémon GO game for iOS and Android is now available

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Earlier this year, Nintendo released their first mobile game outside of the Nintendo platform called Miitomo and today, the Japanese game company alongside Niantic is releasing Pokémon GO. As it's name suggests, the game will revolve around the Pokémon world and the app which is now available for both iOS and Android will bring players into the augmented world where Pokémons roam the streets.

Pokémon GO is unlike the traditional Pokémon that we know and love. Instead, this version is more of a live action version of Pokémon that utilises your smartphone's GPS and rear facing camera to train and capture Pokémon. What this means is that you will need to go out and explore the world in order to get the most out of he game.

Additionally, there will also be a wearable device called the Go Plus which enables Pokémon GO players to train and catch Pokémon without accessing the app. The wearable band will be available in the coming weeks for US$ 35.

Pokémon GO is now available for both iOS and Android as a free download but there are in-app purchases that range from $0.99 all the way to $99.99. Also, bear in mind that the app is rolling out in stages and you might need to wait a little longer depending on where you are. However, if you are on Android, you can take advantage of the deconstructed APK here