Google's 2016 Android release is officially called Android Nougat

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After briefly teasing the next major release of Android before and after Google I/O 2016, today Google is officially naming the next version of Android. Up until today, the next release of Android was simply called Android N (and also briefly known as Android Namey McNamface) and throug Snpachat, Google officially revealed the Android Nougat name.

This name is the result of the naming poll which Google had a couple of weeks back that gave fans the opportunity to name the next version of Android. While we do have a definitive name for the next major release of Android, we still don't know whether it'll continue the Android 6.x build number or jump straight to Android 7.x. 

Andoid Nougat will be officially known as Android 7.0 and is expected to be released by the end of the Summer in time for the release of new flagship Android phones in the Fall. Nougat will comes with features like Daydream VR, native split view multitasking, better battery optimizations, etc.

---UPDATE 1/1/16 11:13---
Article updated to reflect Android 7.0 version number.