Nintendo Switch will launch on March 3rd for $399

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Last October, Nintendo revealed that their new Switch console which combined the functionality of a dedicated gaming device and a entertainment console into one device. At a launch event in Tokyo last week, Nintendo officially launched the new Nintendo Switch Console and released final details about the device. 

One March 3rd, Nintendo will begin rolling out the new Nintendo Switch console globally with a US$ 299.99 (~MYR 1,340) price tag. Inside the box, Nintendo will provide the Switch console itself paired up with the dock and the two Joy-Con controllers will also be included. There is an option to have the Joy-Con controller in the blue and red color configuration as shown above.

And probably the most interesting thing about the Nintendo Switch is that it will charge via USB-C which is an impressive feat as previous Nintendo devices charged through a proprietary interface. Nintendo rates the battery life of the Switch at 3-6 hours and the battery life heavily depends on the game being played. 

Speaking of games, Nintendo has prepared several first party games specifically for the Switch like a new version of Mario Kart, a version of the Legend of Zelda, a sandboxed version of Super Mario and many more. Learn more about all the games and features of the Nintendo Switch here.