Nintendo's upcoming $60 console will come with 30 classic games

9:30:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

It looks like Pokémon is not the only thing that is making a big comeback, today Nintendo is announcing the NES Classic Edition. This new model looks a lot like the original Nintendo Entertainment System (abbreviated by NES) which launched back in the mid 80's and Nintendo has managed to shrink the size of the console as it fits on the palm of your hand.

The smaller size means that the catridge slot has been dropped and games will run on a virtual console emulator. The NES Classic Edition will be available beginning November 11 for US$ 59.99 (~MYR 235) and the mini console will come with two things, a rectangular NES controller and 30 pre-loaded games that range from Super Mario all the way to The Legend of Zelda II.

So, get yourselves ready to plug the NES Classic Edition into a HDMI port on your TV to play all the oldies in high definition. Here's a list of the 30 games that will comes preloaded with the NES Classic Edition

— Balloon Fight
— Bubble Bobble
— Castlevania
— Castlevania II: Simon's Quest
— Donkey Kong
— Donkey Kong Jr.
— Double Dragon II: The Revenge
— Dr. Mario
— Excitebike
— Final Fantasy
— Galaga
— Ghosts'N Goblins
— Gradius
— Ice Climber
— Kid Icarus
— Kirby's Adventure
— Mario Bros.
— Mega Man 2
— Metroid
— Ninja Gaiden
— Pac-Man
— Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream
— StarTropics
— Super C
— Super Mario Bros.
— Super Mario Bros. 2
— Super Mario Bros. 3
— Tecmo Bowl
— The Legend of Zelda
— Zelda II: The Adventure of Link