Google's new Daydream View headset is the first Daydream VR device

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At Google I/O earlier this year, Google showed off their vision for a unified virtual reality platform for Android devices called Daydream VR. Today, alongside the announcement of the new Google Pixel phones, the company is taking wraps off the Daydream View, the first Daydream VR headset and controller. 

Weighing in at 200g and officially priced at US$ 79 (~MYR 330), the new Daydream View VR headset is by no means affordable when compared to the uber-affordable Google Cardboard VR viewers but Google says that the controller and headset has been designed to work perfectly with any Daydream VR compatible smartphones. Right now, only the Google made Pixel and Pixel XL phones are officially compatible with this headset. 

As for the design of the Daydream View, it looks like any other mobile VR headset but Google constructed it out of soft fabric to ensure comfort and the bluetooth controller used to interact inside the Daydream VR platform can be stored inside the headset itself. The controller in the other hand is not just for the buttons, there's sensor in the controller that enables it to act as a stylus in VR. 

In terms of functionality, the Daydream View is only compatible with Android 7.0 Nougat phones that are certified Daydream VR compatible by Google and the headset works similarly to the Google Cardboard viewers but the twist is that there is an NFC label that automatically launches the Daydream VR interface once the phone is placed in the headset. 

Google will begin accepting pre-order for the new Daydream View headset beginning October 20 in the US, UK, Canada, Germany and Australia. The headset itself will officially be available sometime in November and initially Google is only releasing the gray model picture above and the white and red models will only arrive in early 2017