Microsoft launches their new premium lineup of powerbanks

5:52:00 AM Dickwyn Y 1 Comments

Microsoft acquired Nokia's mobile phone division last year and ever since then, they have been inheriting Nokia's business and also products. From device rebrands to store rebrands, it looks like Microsoft has just revised Nokia's colorful power banks with the Microsoft logo.

These new power banks from Microsoft are nothing special, they bear the Microsoft branding and features dual USB outputs which can be used to recharge devices at the same time. The DC-32 (5,200mAh), DC-33 (9,000mAh) and DC-44 (12,000mAh) all have varying capacities and besides the LED array on the sides, there's nothing glowing about these power banks.

Justifying the somewhat over-priced nature of these power banks, Microsoft is also including a AC-60 wall adapter which according to Microsoft will recharge the DC-32 in 160 minutes, the DC-33 in 280 minutes and the largest DC-44 in 380 minutes. As for pricing the 5,000mAh DC-32 power bank will cost $35 (~ RM 131), $45 (~ RM 168) for the DC-33 and $55 (~ RM 205) for the DC-34.

When you compare these to the cheaply price Xiaomi Mi Power banks in Malaysia, Microsoft's answer for more power is definitely a premium price. But whether it'll actually make it to our shores is yet to be known but Microsoft says these power banks will roll out in select regions in the coming weeks.