Here's how the Oculus Rift that you can buy looks like

8:02:00 PM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

This morning, Oculus unveiled the final product design for their first consumer focused Virtual Reality headset. The rift as it is known will be coming in Q1 2016 for a price no more than $1500 and the specs for this VR headset has not been released yet. Unlike the other development models which the company released for the past few years, the final design has gentler curves all around and now includes two built in headphones to further improve the experience.

The headstrap is resizeable to suit your needs and this new design finally allows users to wear their glasses over the headset and the zoom range towards the lenses inside can be adjusted. Of course, this still looks a little sci-fi but the Facebook owned Oculus has refined the product into one that customers will be proud to wear.

As for the Virtual Reality experience, Oculus has created a new controller called the Oculus Touch which looks a lot like a controller from the Wii U. This wireless controller wraps around your hands and acts like a single joystick with some button. Aesthetically, it does look pretty cool looking and the ergonomics of it seem to fit in with the headset.

The final piece of the Oculus Rift is the games and for that, they are partnering with Microsoft to bring support for the Rift to the XBOX One as wells as streaming to Windows 10 devices. This partnership between Microsoft and Oculus will see the consumer Oculus Rift to ship with a wireless XBOX controller. So, soon you'll be able to play Forza and Halo in the virtual world.

Not much technical details beyond the actual physique of the new Oculus Rift but we'll be hearing quite a bit from Microsoft during E3 next week. Stay tuned!