Sony's PlayStation VR headset is coming to Malaysia on October 13 for RM 1,849

2:57:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

During the PlayStation VR Asia press conference earlier today, Sony revealed the pricing and availability for their highly anticipated PS VR headset for key markets. That includes Malaysia and interestingly enough, countries in Asia will receive the PlayStation VR the same time as North America and Europe.

PlayStation VR Key Specifications

— 1920 x 1080 RGB display
— 120Hz refresh rate
— 9 LED tracking system
— 18ms latency
— 100 degree field of view
Beginning this Saturday (July 30), Sony will begin taking pre-orders for the PlayStation VR here in Malaysia. Here's a list of Sony stores that will take your PS VR pre-orders. As for the actual sales, October 12 is the official date as to when the Sony PlayStation VR will be officially available in stores and the headset itself will cost RM 1,849 but there will also be a bundle that includes the PlayStation camera that will cost you RM 2,029

Keep in mind that in order for the PlayStation VR to work, you will need the PlayStation camera and as PS4 console.