HERE Maps evolves into HERE WeGo with emphasis on public transit

4:28:00 AM dickwyn 0 Comments

Earlier this year, Nokia's HERE Maps officially joined the consortium of German automakers and this is part of Nokia's restructuring plan. Today, the HERE maps is announcing a change that'll reflect the start of a new era. This new update focuses on the platform's core functionality that is to bring people from one point to another with emphasis on mobile.

With the latest update to HERE Maps on Android and iOS, the mapping platform formerly known as HERE Maps (and also Nokia Maps and Navteq) will now be called HERE WeGo. This change in identity is more of an evolutionary step for the platform as it moves from one company to another.

Beyond the new brand identity, HERE WeGo is improving upon it's city transit features with improvements made to better estimate transit times for various transportation modes such as cycling, public transit, walking and even for local taxis. Essentially, HERE WeGo is trying to combine the functionality of several apps into a single app where users can compare and contrast between different modes of transportation.