Intel's new Joule IoT platform is designed for computer vision and VR applications

1:47:00 PM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

Intel has made quite a number of development boards/platforms in the past but their latest one is the most advanced one yet. Named Intel Joule, the board is designed for the Internet of Things and several Intel partners like Microsoft and GE have already developed some real-world applications for this new computing platform. 

What's unique about Intel Joule is that is includes the processing power to run an Intel Realsense camera. The small form factor and low power package of the Intel Joule makes it perfect for real-world applications in the field of robotics, drones, VR, AR and computer vision. 

Intel will begin offering the Intel Joule developer kits beginning today and the boards are expected to ship in September 2016. Learn more about the potential that Intel Joule brings to the table here.