9 years later, Apple has finally sold over 1 billion iPhones

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Yesterday, Apple announced their third quarter results which saw declines in sales across the board especially with the iPhone. The drop in sales is likely due to the anticipated launch of the next generation iPhone in September. But despite the lackluster iPhone sales in the last three months, today Tim Cook revealed that Apple has recently sold it's 1 billionth iPhone.

While there is no indication who actually bought the billionth iPhone from Apple, it is still a big achievement for Apple. Compared to Android which hit 1 billion active users in 2014, Apple's number doesn't sound too massive. But just remember that Apple has only launched 13 iPhones since 2007 whereas Google has hundreds and thousands of Android powered devices.

To recap, the original iPhone was announced back in 9 January 2007 by Steve Jobs during Macworld 2007. From a small 3.5-inch screen paired with a single core processor all the way to the 4.7-inch screen paired with the 64-bit Apple A9 processor that lives in the current generation iPhone 6S, it is clear that Apple's smartphone has come a long way.

Apple will be celebrating the iPhone's 10th anniversary next year (in 2017) and expect to see a new iPhone this September.