Intel Project Alloy is an untethered VR experience

1:37:00 PM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

Bucking up on the VR trend that has been dominating the tech landscape this year, Intel is showing off Project Alloy. During the IDF 2016 opening keynote, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich showed off the company's first offering for the VR market. In the past, Intel has only been working with hardware and software makers to improve upon the VR experience and this is their first attempt for a VR headset.

Project Alloy will be coming in 2017 as an open platform and unlike other solutions currently available, Intel's one is unique in the sense that it is an all-in-one platform and doesn't require any smartphone or computer in order to experience VR content.

What this means is that Project Alloy headsets will be free from the wires and all of this is made possible thanks to Intel's RealSense technology. Everything required for an immersive VR experience is built right into the Project Alloy Head-Mounted Device. Expect to hear more about Project Alloy in early 2017 as Intel begins working with partners like Microsoft to make Project Alloy a reality.