Microsoft's new Xbox One S goes on sale this August for $299

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Microsoft's flagship console, the Xbox One is getting an upgrade and the new model unveiled during E3 2016 will be called the Xbox One S. The new model is 40% smaller than the original Xbox One and Microsoft also went the extra mile by giving it a new paintjob that is primarily white with a hint of black. Also, the Xbox One S now comes with an integrated power supply just like the PS4.

The smaller size also equates to a new vertical standing position like the older Xbox 360. But beyond that, Microsoft is touting that the new Xbok One S will feature 4K video playback and HDR will be supported in both games and videos. Oh yeah, there's also a new white controller to match the new console. The controller included with the Xbox One S features Bluetooth and users will be able to pair it up with a Windows 10 PC if they wish to do so.

Microsoft will begin shipping the new Xbox One S in August for US$ 299 (~MYR 1,200) and US$ 349 (~MYR 1,400) respectively for the 500GB and 1TB model. Additionally, there will also be a limited edition Xbox One S which will arrive before the mainstream models and that will cost US$ 399 (~MYR 1,600) and comes with a 2TB hard disk.

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