Mastercard shows off their new logo for the 21st century

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Financial company, Mastercard today unveiled their new logo which is a much needed evolution according to the company. The new logo is designed for the future where Mastercard exists on both the physical world and the digital one. In the world where mobile payments are continuing to grow, this new logo will improve their brand friendliness. And according to the company, their initial survey showed that 80% of people recognize the new Mastercard logo.

Mastercard's new logo is admittedly a more understandable change compared to logo changes from companies like Verizon, Facebook, and Netflix in the past year. Most notably is that the "mastercard" font looks subtle and is now lowercase. The font itself is called FF Mark and as you can see in the renders below, the new font blends in with modern day devices.

No word as to when this new mastercard logo will be rolling out to debit and credit cards but the company has begun to roll out changes in it's internet presence.