Hotlink and Grab team up to launch a free ridesharing service for Pokémon Go players

10:13:00 PM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

According to several sources, Pokémon Go is expected to be available in Malaysia within the next few weeks and in anticipation for that, both Hotlink and Grab has partnered up to create the PokeMobile. When Pokemon Go becomes available in Malaysia, users can hail one of the 4 Pokémon themed Grab cars through the Grab app available on both iOS and Android.

The PokeMobile from Grab and Hotlink will be offered as a free service to Pokémon Go players and the Charizard themed Nissan Almera is equipped with an iPad connected to Hotlink's network that will help both the driver and player locate Pokémon and Pokestops.

In addition to offering the PokeMobile for Pokémon Go players, Hotlink will also be offering their customers US$ 100 worth of Pokecoins that can be used to purchase items in PokémonGo. Right now, there is no exact timeframe as to when Pokémon Go will be available in Malaysia but Hotlink is promising that their service will bring players to Hotlink Pokestops that are equipped with lures to attract more Pokémon.