Hotlink FAST, a new prepaid plan that comes with 4G LTE data

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The prepaid category in Malaysia has evolved drastically in 2015. From the fiasco which increased the price of reload coupons by 6% to both UMobile and Celcom unveiling new prepaid plans designed to bring more internet value to everyone. Well, today Hotlink (Maxis) is taking wraps off their brand new prepaid plan which is designed to take advantage of Maxis's quot on quote No.1 4G LTE Network.

Not to be outdone by UMobile's Power Prepaid Pack which comes with and extra 1GB of internet for life, Hotlink's new Hotlink FAST prepaid plan comes with a balance of both the conventional 3G speeds and also a piece of 4G LTE internet with the new Hotlink FAST plan. This means that you will have two different kinds of quota and how all this works is that the 4G data will be activated when you are inside Maxis's 4G LTE coverage (60% across Malaysia) and 3G data will resume when there's no 4G LTE coverage.

This quota is a little contradicting as the Hotlink website says that the 4G LTE quota can only be used on a 4G LTE network. So, does this mean that you lose half of the advertised quota is you do not use a 4G LTE enabled phone?

Nevertheless, if you do run out of internet quota within the validity period, you can top up 150MB, 500MB or 1GB of data for RM3, RM 8 and RM 12 respectively. Also, once the quota is reached, internet will stop it's service and unlike the plans with UMobile and Celcom, Hotlink's FAST prepaid plan does not come with unlimited 64kbps internet.

Hotlink FAST Prepaid

  • Preloaded credit: RM 5
  • Preloaded data: 300MB
  • Initial validity: 5 days
  • Calls/(Activ10): 24sen/min (12sen/min)
  • SMS/(Activ10): 12sen/SMS (1sen/SMS)

The new Hotlink FAST prepaid pack can now be purchased from stores nationwide for only RM 15 and existing customers can opt into this new plan either through the Hotlink RED app or by dialing *100*6*1#. To learn more about Hotlink FAST, head on over to