Grab announces integration with Lyft's ride-sharing service in the United States

9:47:00 PM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

Ridesharing has grown in popularity in the last couple of years mainly due to the convenience and affordability that it brings. But there hasn't been a fully global ridesharing service. The closest we have to that is Uber which is available in over 66 countries.

However, it looks like things are about to change as the partnership between Lyft, Didi, Ola and GrabTaxi is beginning to materialize. Late last year, these regional ridesharing services partnered with US based ridesharing app lyft to compete with Uber and earlier this year, China based Didi Chuxing kicked off the partnership by enabling their users to get a ride when they are in the US.

In a similar move, Grab (formerly known as MyTeksi) has also announced that beginning today, all Grab users can now get a ride when they are in the US. How this works is pretty simple, Grab is basically just taking advantage of Lyft's vast ridesharing network (200 cities) in the United States so, wherever Lyft is available, Grab will also be available.

Likewise, this service integration between Grab and Lyft will also work the other way round. Lyft users in the United States can also take advantage of Grab's ridesharing network across Southeast Asia which includes over 30 cities. The Grab application which is available on iOS and Android operates in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam with over 300,000 drivers.

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