UMobile's new Power Prepaid pack will give you 1GB of high speed internet which is free for life

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The telco wars are heating up pretty strongly this year and Celcom, Maxis and Digi have all updated their prepaid plans with a lot more internet that it used to have. Just last month I reviewed Celcom's new Magic SIM pack which did indeed come with a lot of freebies. Today, we're talking about UMobile's new prepaid offering which is ready to beat other telcos at their own game.

Just recently, UMobile gave their postpaid users a little treat by doubling (and also tripling) their data plans and now they are giving a similar treatment to their prepaid users. Just as expected, UMobile has finally caught it with it's competitors and prepaid users will not get unlimited 64kbps internet as long as the line is active.

UMobile Power Prepaid Pack

  • RM 5 preloaded credit
  • Free 200MB high speed internet
  • Free (64kbps) basic internet
  • 10 days validity
  • 150 mins Free Calls (15 mins per day)

But instead of increasing the UMI plans, the prepaid plan itself has been given a big boost. UMobile will be giving users free 1GB of high speed data which is (hashtag) #freeinternetforlife and that's not even a rhetorical pun. They are literally giving you 1GB of high speed internet forever (or until they update the plan) provided you have at least reloaded RM 10.

"The 1GB of free high speed data quota will reset every 30 days
Don't be confused, that reload value will remain. It's just that the 1GB of high speed data will only be activated once you reload at least RM 10 each month. However, if you do finish up that 1GB free high speed data, you will also still be able to subscribe to UMobile's UMI plans and if you run out of data at that point you can still enjoy the unlimited (64kbps) basic internet.

You might not be receiving free data for social chat like the new Digi prepaid plan, neither do you get a little kickback data when you reload like Celcom's Magic SIM pack and Hotlink's prepaid plan but bottom line, UMobile does have the most compelling deal out there.

Beyond all the tweaks done to UMobile's prepaid plan on the internet side, the cellular call features have remained intact from existing plans. The call rates to all networks are still set at 5sen/30s and alongside the free internet, users will also receive 450 minutes of free calls to UMobile numbers and like the free internet, the quota will reset every 30 days too.

That's about all I have to say about UMobile's new prepaid SIM pack and you can get it through stores nationwide today for only RM 8.5 which is RM 0.5 more than the existing prepaid pack. Upon activation, there will be RM5 preloaded air time and 200MB free high speed data.

As for existing prepaid users, UMobile will be opening up upgrade options for existing UMobile prepaid numbers starting 1 August 2015. This offer is only valid until 31 December 2015 and you just simply have to reload RM 10 into the SIM pack before 31 December and the free 1GB internet will be yours for life.

Learn more about UMobile's new Power Prepaid Pack here