Apple announces watchOS 3.0

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The Apple Watch is just about a year old and later this year, Apple will be updating it to watchOS 3.0. Straight out of the WWDC 2016 keynote, this new version will replace the existing watchOS 2.0 which was announced during last year's WWDC keynote and the biggest change in this new version is the interface which is now faster and simpler.

Most significantly is that apps for the Apple Watch will now launch instantaneously in watchOS 3.0 and Apple has also took the time to streamline tasks like replying to messages or controlling music. There is also a new Control Center and Notification Center which is works just like it does on iOS. Additionally, watchOS 3.0 also comes with the messaging features found in iOS 10 like the invisible ink and full screen effects.

Besides general improvements to the overall experience, watchOS 3.0 also improves upon fitness and health features. There is a couple of new watch faces which bring fitness data front and center and Apple is also updating their "time to stand" feature to allow wheelchair users to be properly addressed. Instead of saying "time to stand", the Apple Watch will instead display "time to roll" when it is time to exercise.

Finally, a new app on watchOS 3.0 called Breathe takes advantage of the heart rate sensor on the Apple Watch to encourage users to take deep breaths throughout the day to calm their minds.

watchOS 3.0 will be available to all Apple Watch users in Fall 2016 as a free upgrade. But developers will be able to try out the new version of watchOS today at

Learn more about watchOS 3.0 here