The Asus VivoWatch is a sexy new fitness tracker with 10-day battery life

8:23:00 AM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

Last week the headlines all over the week was about the Apple Watch, reviews went up first and then on friday Apple officially started accepting pre-orders for their premium timepiece. Starting off this week we have a brand new wearable/fitness tracker from an unappreciated company; Asus.

Their Zenwatch was quite spot on in terms of design but just lacked that extra click to make it as competitive as the Moto 360. This time around it looks like Asus is coming back tough with their new VivoWatch fitness tracker. At the moment, technical details have yet to be revealed but we do have some interesting bits to cling on.

First thing about the VivoWatch, No it is not an Android Wear device but it might be able to ping notifications from Asus's own smartphones. As you might already realize, the VivoWatch looks a lot like the Zenwatch in terms of the overall shape but the VivoWatch being a fitness tracker looks a little sportier.

Like on the Zenwatch, the VivoWatch features a stainless steel frame which is IP 67 rated. Also included in the package is a heart rate monitor and sleep tracking. With all of this hardware present, Asus claims the VivoWatch will have 10-day battery life which is about what we expect from fitness trackers.

But in the end, given the competition is heating up with the Apple Watch and also Pebble's new Pebble Time wearable. Asus will need to strategically price and market the VivoWatch. More details of the watch will be revealed later this week when the device is officially announced at Milan Design Week.