iOS 10 is all about improving the iPhone and iPad experience

1:41:00 PM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

"The biggest release ever", that is what Apple is calling iOS 10. Unveiled during their opening keynote for this year's WWDC developers conference, the new version of iOS simply called iOS 10 will mainly focus on underlying changes that improve upon the overall experience.

As usual, this new version of iOS will be available in the Fall alongside the release of the new iPhone but developers can try out the developer preview today and Apple will be testing out a public beta in July. You can sign up for the iOS 10 beta here

Starting from the lock screen, there is a new glance feature which displays the lock screen alongside notifications each time you pick up the device. iOS 10 comes with an updated focus on the notifications cards which propagate all throughout the operating system and Apple is also improving how 3D Touch works on iOS 10 with new interactions like being able to activate it through the lock screen.
Besides that, Apple is also opening up Siri, Apple Maps and the Messages app to developers. This new integration will enable developers to build apps for the iOS Messages app and also build Siri right into their application (with SiriKit) that will enable rich interaction between the user and the app.

Additionally, the iOS Messages app also comes with several new features that Apple borrowed from Google's two new messaging app that they unveiled during Google I/O several weeks back. Messages on iOS 10 will feature things like powerful animations that covers up the entire screen, invisible ink that allows you to share surprises, handwritten notes that can be animated, rich links and a new keyboard that features emoji prediction.
Finally, there is a new Memories feature baked into the Photos app on iOS 10 that works strikingly similar to the Google Photos app. The Memories feature will automatically group your images based on different criteria and each grouping will also be combined into a Memory Movie that can be customized with different themes.

Apple says that all these automatic grouping and any other intelligence processing is all done locally by taking advantage of the processing power of iOS devices. This technology is called Differential Privacy and Apple uses this approach to safeguard data of iOS devices.

iOS 10 will be available this Fall as a free update for iPhone 5 and later, iPad 2 and later, and iPod Touch 5th gen and later. Learn more about all the new features of iOS 10 here