Subaru America joins the HERE MapCare program

10:34:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

Nokia's HERE Maps is announcing a new member of the HERE MapCare program which is Subaru America. This new partnership between the two companies will allow Subaru customers which own a 2016 Subaru model that has a built in navigation system to receive up to three annual map updates.

The MapCare program which was launched in 2009 is designed to allow drivers to get access to up-to-date maps and since the program was introduced, it has been joined by over 26 vehicle brands and there is now over 5 million vehicles sold that are enjoying the benefits of the MapCare program. Subaru America customers will continue to get map update for three years.

"We believe that every car should have up-to-date, accurate and reliable maps built for driving," said Bruno Bourguet, senior vice president, Sales & Business Development, HERE. "With our MapCare program, cars on the road today can get these maps from HERE in an easy and convenient way."
Nokia is currently in the midst of completing it's sale of their HERE maps division to German automaker consortium consisting of Audi, BMW and Mercedes. The deal is expected to complete in early 2016 and the MapCare program will continue despite the change in the parent company.