Todoist previews their new Windows 10 application

10:08:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

Popular task managing application, Todoist is finally making their Windows 10 application available to the public as an open preview. This new Windows 10 application is a result of several months of alpha testing by several dedicated Todoist users. The application itself is built upon TaskCrunch which was previously the best third party Todoist application on the Windows Store.

With nearly 6 million Todoist users across over 15 platforms, this new Todoist application will bring productivity to the next level. Besides the native Windows 10 design scheme being implemented in this brand new applications, the Todoist for Windows 10 Preview will be the first platform to get a third panel view which is ideal for collaboration tasks which will provide a spacious side by side overview of everything.

Not only that, the ability to add live tiles for each projects or labels is a pretty neat feature to improve awareness and things like interactive notifications also adds to the overall experience. As expected, the Todoist Windows 10 application will adapt to the window resize and the team will continue to refine the application and possibly even add support for Cortana and Windows Hello.

You can now download the Todoist Preview for Windows 10 through the Windows Store, currently there's only support for the desktop and no word about support for Windows 10 Mobile yet.