Jolla unveils Sailfish OS 2.0 with the release of the Jolla C

1:08:00 PM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

Three years ago, a group of ex-Nokia employees set out to reinvent the smartphone with a new smartphone operating system that they call Jolla OS. After seemingly disappearing from the scene, the company is back at the game with their brand new Jolla C smartphone.

Jolla C Key Specifications

— 5-inch 720P IPS display
— Snapdragon 212 SoC
— 16GB expandable memory
— 8MP rear camera
— 2MP front camera
— 2,500mAh battery
— 142 x 72 x 9.6mm
— 150g
— Dual SIM LTE
— Pure Sailfish OS 2.0

As you can see, the device isn't exactly a powerhouse by any means and that's why the company is calling the Jolla C a limited edition device. In order to buy on of the 1,000 Jolla C units that will be produced, you will need to be enrolled in the company's new Sailfish Community Device Program in order to actually getting one of these phones.

This is by no means a phone for everyone as it is running a Sailfish OS which is unlike the Android and iPhones of today. For €170 (~US$ 188 / MYR 770), the Jolla C will only be attractive to someone who is keen of the idea of a third mobile operating system. Learn more about the Jolla C and how you can get one here