Google introduces a new version of Google+ with focus on Communities and Collections

6:37:00 PM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

Last year, Vic Gundotra tendered his resignation as SVP and his biggest contribution is probably towards Google+ which is Google's very own social network. Since then, there has been reports flying around that Google is planning to split the social network three ways and shut down Google+ for good. But today, the rumor/report can be put aside as Google has just announced a brand new version of Google+

As expected, the new redesign includes a new design that incorporates Material Design elements like the cards and shadows. However, this new redesign seems to be projecting Google+ into a new direction. Google says this new site focuses on communities and collections moreover compared to sharing content with just your friends.

The redesigned Google+ is now available to everyone and you can either opt in to the new design right now or stick with the old one until you feel it's the right time. So, head on over to to experience it.