Sony's new RX100 MK IV arrives to Malaysia for RM 3,799

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A couple of weeks ago, Sony unveiled the brand new 4th generation RX100 in the US and the new Sony compact camera is now available in Malaysia. It's not often that a camera is so good that it has a 4th revision and the RX 100 is one of them. The RX 100 is indeed a compact camera but the camera does rival against entry level DSLRs and beats the hell out of compact cameras and even some micro four thirds.

In terms of looks, the new RX 100 MK IV looks exactly like it's predecessors and that's a good thing because the design of the RX 100 was pretty good already. But what's amazing is that Sony managed to outdo themselves again this year, the MK 4 still features the same 1" Exmor RS CMOS sensor from the MK 3 and the effective megapixel of the camera is still set at 20.1MP.

Amazingly, Sony managed to include 4K video support which is amazing for a camera this size but the shooting time has been capped to 5 minutes which is pretty reasonable as 4K video takes up a lot of memory and can heat up both the processor and also the sensor.

The RX 100 MK IV still comes with a 24-70mm lens which has an effective aperture of f1.8-f2.8. Besides also coming with the 4K video support, the camera is still able to take lower resolution videos at higher frame rates now. It can do up to 960fps to give you that crispy slow-mo feel.

Sony Malaysia is starting to take orders for the new RX 100 MK IV and for a limited time only (until 9 August 2015), Sony will also throw in a camera case worth  RM 499 and also a 64GB SD card worth RM 366. Outright, the camera will cost RM 3,799 including GST and the freebies will definitely make the new MK 4 a better choice for a compact solution. Better grab it fast.

If you want to get a better deal out of the camera, you could get it through online store ShaShinKi for only RM 3,296 which will only get your the camera without any free gifts. This is an official model from Sony Malaysia.

UPDATE 24/7/2015 23:00: Updated with better prices