Both the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge plus gets leaked

5:37:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

The Galaxy Note 5 has been making the headlines recently and for week we have been looking at the computer renders and a live image of the new S Pen but today we have live images of the device itself. Besides having some real life images of the Galaxy Note 5, the source also quoted some images of the Galaxy S6 edge+ which is essentially just a bigger Galaxy S6 edge.

From these images, there's nothing much we can depict out of them and there could be slight chance that these images have been faked but given that it looks identical to what we have seen previously with all the renders, this might just be the real deal.

By itself, these images fail to show us anything new but it is a clear sign that the Galaxy Note 5 will be launched real soon. Reports are stating it'll be on August 12 and all that's left now is to wait for Samsung to actually send out invites for the actual unveiling event.

Galaxy Note 5

Galaxy S6 Edge +