Lenovo's new concept smartwatch looks bigger than you think

2:08:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

Unveiled earlier today at Lenovo's Tech World conference in Beijing, the so called 'Magic View' smartwatch is a conceptual device which looks equally bulky. Unlike current smartwatch devices, Lenovo's working concept features two display, a standard round watch face like any other watch and also a secondary "Virtual Interactive Display" which sits in between the strap and watch face.

The unconventional approach enables users to view images 20 times larger than that of the main display. At first it might sound like voodoo magic but jump inside the logic of the display and everything ends up sounding like a gimmick. The secondary display works pretty much like a camera viewfinder in which things look bigger and only until your eyes are at a certain distance will you be able to see the images.

This is very much one of those optical illusions and Lenovo says that this technology will enable users to view Google Street view maps straight from the "Virtual Interactive Display". However, currently this device is still a prototype technology and there is no confirmation that this will be implemented into actual production devices.

On a side note, if you notice the design of this prototype device, doesn't it look a lot like the Moto 360? Indeed it does because Lenovo owns Motorola and the device is indeed based off the Moto 360. Check out the video below to see how it all works out