GoPro's new Karma drone features a modular and compact design

4:17:00 PM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

Alongside the announcement of the GoPro Hero5 series, GoPro is also showing off their first drone in it's final form. Dubbed the GoPro Karma, this drone is specifically tailored for GoPro's line of action cameras. When available, the GoPro Karma will support docking both the GoPro Hero4 and Hero5 series of action cameras.

But what makes the GoPro Karma special is it's form factor. GoPro is going for a modular approach with their first quadcopter and everything is designed to fit in a small backpack. Heck yeah, the Karma itself will ship in a backpack case that will fit the quadcopter, controller, stabilizer and batteries. 

The quadcopter is one thing but GoPro's 3-axis stabilizer that they are including with the Karma not only acts as the piece that keeps the GoPro in place while the Karma is in the sky but it also doubles as a handheld stabilizer.

Also included with the GoPro Karma is the custom controller that features a touchscreen and several buttons to interact with the quadcopter. Through the controller, users can access various different modes to fly the Karma in the skies. And just like other quadcopter drones out there, GoPro has fitted the Karma with subject tracking.

The GoPro Karma drone will go on sale on October 23 for US$ 799 (~MYR 3,300) and the company will also be offering bundles with the Hero5 and Hero5 Session. Learn more about the GoPro Karma here