Samsung's next smartwatch features a circular display and incorporate premium materials

6:08:00 AM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

The smartwatch game is expected to heat up in the coming months with the Apple Watch and competition from both the LG G Watch Urbane and 2015 Moto 360 in the android world. It looks like Samsung is preparing for the battle with a new smartwatch codenamed Orbis.

As the codename suggests, this smartwatch will feature a circular watch face and Samsung will be betting high hopes on this new wearable device. This year they did not release a smartwatch alongside the Galaxy S6 nor did they advertise any of their Galaxy Gear wearables alongside their new flagship smartphone.

But everything is expected to change with this Orbis smartwatch which will go by the name Galaxy Gear A when it reaches the market. Sammobile reports that the Gear A will be a lot like the Gear S and it'll also feature 3g connections straight from the watch. The main difference is the Gear A will be sized like a mainstream watch rather than having a giant 1.7" screen on your wrist.

Overall, the Gear A looks to be a promising new wearable from Samsung and given that the Galaxy S6 was such a beauty, Samsung could very much pull ahead in the smartwatch game with the Gear A.