Samsung's new Tizen based Gear S2 will arrive in September

9:26:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

Well, today Samsung has just announced two new smartphones and usually for Samsung, the announcement of the Galaxy Note 5 marks the end of big announcements for the Korean manufacturer but just before closing of the keynote this morning, the company did a very subtle teaser of what's coming next.

Samsung has officially confirmed that their brand new wearable devices called the Gear S2 will be announced during IFA 2015. We've already heard previously that Samsung is working on a circular Tizen smartwatch that feature premium build materials and it looks like things are beginning to materialize.

Besides it's ability to run third party applications and it's round nature, that's all that we currently know about the new Gear S2. Stay tuned for more information regarding this as the weeks unfold.