Introducing the china exclusive HTC One M9+, now bigger and sexier

4:38:00 AM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

The day we've all been waiting for has come, HTC is shutting down all the leaks surrounding their alleged flagship phone by officially announcing the device. As expected, the HTC One M9+ was launched earlier this morning in Beijing and it's pretty much the same device we've been seeing for the past month just without the watermarks atop.

HTC is apparently putting this right above the HTC One E9+ and HTC One M9 as the device not only features a top of the line 8 core Mediatek Helios processor, it also feature what looks to be the best display ever to grace a HTC phone. The 5.2" Quad HD display shares the front alongside the company's unique Boom Sound speakers.

Turn the device around and you'll be greeted with what looks to be a similar setup like on the HTC One M8 but in reality this is a more powerful solution. The Duo Camera setup on the HTC One M9+ features the same depth sensor but comes accompanied with the same 20MP sensor on the HTC One M9.

All around the device, you will see the same machine aluminum body which features the same fit and finish found on the HTC One M9. But if you look to the front, there is a significant change to the lower Boom Sound speakers; HTC has slotted in a home button? Nope, that is actually a fingerprint sensor which works something like the one on the Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6.

Besides that, everything we know about the HTC One M9 is on the HTC One M9+, the power button is still on the side and the same Sense 7 powers this new beast. As to availability of this device, China is the only place you will be able to get it at the moment; Pricing has yet to be revealed but expect it to be $100 -  $200 more expensive than the HTC One M9.