NFC payments coming to Windows 10, ready to take on Apple Pay

7:45:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

Microsoft is heavily working on completing Windows 10 before the launch later in the Summer, currently there is no confirmed features on Windows 10 but that is about to change a Microsoft will be giving more insights on Windows 10 at their BUILD developers conference next month.

Well, we learnt last week that Microsoft will be replacing the Windows Phone name in Windows 10 and Microsoft's mobile operating system will simply be called Windows 10 Mobile. Here's an interesting dib on a feature making it's way to Windows 10 smartphones, yes Microsoft is jumping in the mobile payments game.

With Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft plans to introduce NFC payments (in a bigger scale) onto Windows 10 smartphones. Building upon the current Wallet app on Windows Phone, the new system on Windows 10 will include support for Host Card Emulation which enables the device to run through a payment without relying on a secure element on the phone or SIM card.

Ultimately, this would align with the standards of mainstream credit cards from VISA and MaterCard. Also, the new system being implemented will not require support from mobile carriers or banking services for the payments to go through.

Overall, this is indeed quite a big deal for Microsoft given that Windows 10 will run on virtually anything and unifying payments is just the first step to compete against other mobile payment systems by Apple, Samsung and Google.

SOURCE: WMPoweruser and BGR