Microsoft Surface Studio is a 28-inch touchscreen in a computer

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Alognside the announcement of the forthcoming release of Windows 10 called the Creators Update, Microsoft is rounding up this morning's event in NYC with the launch of a new Surface product. Building upon the success of the Surface Book from last year, Microsoft has created the Surface Studio All-in-one PC tht combines everything that made the Surface lineup good into a desktop form factor.

What this means is that the Surface Studio is essentially a scaled up version of other Surface devices. Similar to the new Windows 10 update coming early next year, the Surface Studio according to Microsoft is built for creators.

Microsoft Surface Studio Key Specifications

— 28-inch 4500 x 3000 resolution PixelSense Display
— Intel 6th Generation (Skylake) Core i5 / Core i7 processor
— NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M(2GB)/980M(4GB)
— 1TB/2TB Rapid Hybrid drives
— 8/16/32 GB DDR4 memory
— 5MP front facing camera
— TPM 2.0 chip
— 637.35 x 438.9 x 11.4mm
— Upto 9.56kg
— Windows 10 64-bit
— 270W PSU

In terms of hardware, Microsoft is touting that the Surface Studio is the world's thinnest LCD monitor measuring in at just 12.5mm. That's not as razor thin as the 5mm edges on the Apple iMac but Microsoft's display is a touchscreen and includes their proprietary PixelSense technology that enables the Surface Pen to work. But that's not all, the display also features accurate colors that is suitable for photographers, videographers and designers.

While the Surface Studio's display is not detachable like the one on the Surface Book, it does come with a hinge that allows it to be adjusted to a 20-degree angle that is just the right elevation for drawing. 
Finally, there is a seperate US$ 99 accessory that Microsoft will be offering as an option to Surface Studio customers called the Surface Dial. It is basically a cylindrical device that acts like a contextual menu when places on the screen of the Surface Studio. At launch, the Surface Dial will support creative apps and music streaming services like Pandora and Spotify.

But beyond that, the Surface Studio is not the highest-end All-in-one compuer out there but it is definitely the most versatile one. The Surface Studio will go on sale in the United States in December 2016 for a price ranging from US$ 3,499 (~MYR 14,600) to US$ 4,1999 (~MYR 17,400). The Surface Studio will ship with the new Bluetooth Surface Keyboard and Mouse and also a Surface Pen.

Argubly, the price of the Surface Studio feels a little overpriced compared to other All-in-one computers like the iMac and the fact that Microsof is using last generation laptop graphics from Nvidia and the lack of futuristic I/O like Thunderbolt or USB Type-C makes the Surface Studio less attractive to spec heads. But bottom line, you have to realize that the Surface Studio is more of a 28 inch digital canvas inside of a computer rather than the other way around. Wacom touch displays at this size easily costs $2500.

Learn more about the Microsoft Surface Studio here.