Take a look at the bigger and beefier HTC One M9 Plus

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When HTC announced the HTC One M9 at MWC 2015 earlier this month, everyone was having that mild felling of deja vu. The device was exactly what the leaks said it was going to be and featured several minor design changes from it's predecessor. Although it might not be that revolutionary new flagship, it is still a welcomed change.

Well, back when the HTC One M9 was being heavily leaked, there was also rumors of a larger variant of the flagship which came with better hardware overall. Some called it the HTC One M9 Plus and some said it was bound to be under the Desire name.

Today, prolific leaker @OnLeaks shows an image which compares both the bigger HTC One M9 Plus and the HTC One M9 together. These renders show us the clearest look at the device yet. The Duo camera is highlighted nicely on the back and the fingerprint scanner home button has apparently split the bottom Boom Sound speakers in half.

As a whole, the device looks to be even taller than the already tall HTC One M9 and given the size it'll likely have a 5.5-5.7" display. But the thing about this leaked image is that the source also mentions that the device might have been cancelled. Whether true or not, if HTC were to release this device , it'll most likely take on Samsung Galaxy Note 5 phablet later this year.

SOURCE: PhoneArena