Google Wi-Fi is an intelligent new wireless router with a quad core processor

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Google is continuing their massive rollout of hardware during their special October event with a new product called Google Wi-Fi. This tiny puck is the spiritual successor to the OnHub router that Google introduced last year. Like the Pixel phones and Daydream View headset announced today, the new Google Wi-Fi comes with Google branding.

Basically, Google Wi-Fi is an intelligent wireless router that can pair up with other modules in order to provide your home or office with the best wireless network possible. At it's core, the Google Wi-Fi is a dual band router that supports AC1200 speeds. Google says that they have built Google Wi-Fi to be a scalable network depending on your needs and just like the OnHub router, this Wi-Fi access point is controlled through a dedicated app available on both Android and iOS.

Google says they have also included their Network Assist software which helps you configure the fastest possible connection without you doing anything at all. The Google Wi-Fi will be available in the US beginning November 2016 for US$ 129 (~MYR 530) for a single pack and US$ 299 (~MYR 1,200) for a three pack.