Chromecast Ultra is Google's 4K streaming dongle

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About a year ago, Google introduced the second generation Chromecast dongles and today at their massive hardware launch event, they unveiled Chromecast Ultra. This new Chromecast doesn't necessarily replace the existing Chromecast dongle, rather it is more of an extended version as the Chromecast Ultra now supports 4K and HDR video streaming.

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This is thanks to the faster processor and Wi-Fi that Google is adding to the Chromecast Ultra and when it next month, Chromecast Ultra will support streaming 4K video from services like YouTube, Hulu and Netflix. Beyond that not much has changes in terms of the Chromecast hardware, it still features a puck design but this time around the Chromecast Ultra only comes in black.

Google will begin offering the 4K capable Chromecast Ultra beginning November 2016 in 16 countries including the US. But unlike existing Chromecast models, this new Ultra model will cost $69 (~MYR 280). On the upside, Google is including a special power adapter with the Chromecast Ultra that includes an ethernet port for a wired connection.