macOS Sierra introduces Siri to the Macintosh

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The next software release for Macs will be called macOS Sierra and this new release marks the departure of Apple's previous numbering scheme. Similar to what Apple is doing with iOS 10, macOS Sierra is not a major overhaul but more of a improvement to the overall interface. An example of this is that you can now securely sign in to your Mac with an Apple Watch.

Most notably is that Siri is finally making it's debut on the Mac and Apple has designed several features that are specific to the Mac. This comes to no surprise as Microsoft has brought Cortana to the desktop with Windows 10. Siri on the Mac works a little differently and besides the usual questions, you can also ask Siri to do things like search for photos or send messages.

Another new feature that Apple is introducing is Copy & Paste. Apple clearly didn't invent this but they are sprucing up the feature on macOS Sierra by creating a digital clipboard that is tethered to the cloud. This means that you can copy a string of text on your iPhone and easily paste it on your Mac.

Additionally, macOS Sierra will also come with a new utility feature that allows users to take advantage of their storage. This is a combination of intelligence and the power of the cloud. The new feature on macOS Sierra will intelligently sync items to iCloud and help clear up junk on your Mac with a single click.

macOS Sierra will arrive in the Fall as a free upgrade and developers can take advantage of the beta software today and just like with iOS 10, Apple is also opening up a public beta in July. Sign up for that here

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