Apple unveils iOS 9, small improvements and impactful changes

12:25:00 PM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

Besides also announcing a brand new version of OS X, Apple also showed off the latest version of iOS which is cleverly named iOS 9. Building upon last year's major iOS 8 update, this years changes are subtle but overall create a better experience for users.

The headline feature on iOS 9 here is intelligence and that is clearly related to Siri and she's now a proactive like Google Now. With iOS 9, Siri will now also give you information on the far left of the homescreen and that screen is combined with the spolight search which no features natural language search.

iOS 9 not only overhauls how Siri works but there are some new apps being included with this new release. The new Apple Music app is present and also a new News app which includes curated contents from media outlets and Apple describes it as a beautiful way to read news.

That's just some of the new improvements coming to iOS 9 and the developer beta is available today. In July a public beta of iOS 9 will be available to users and the final version will come to users in the Fall in time for a new iPhone. As for device support, Apple will be supporting all existing iOS 8 device.