Mark your calendars, Apple's WWDC 2015 happens on June 8

6:20:00 AM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

The Apple Watch and Macbook was announced earlier this year at a special Spring Forward event and since then both devices have went on sale/pre-order. Well, it looks like Apple is ready to make some new announcements soon as they have just announced that their annual developer's conference is happening on June 8 through June 12.

Both Microsoft and Google have pegged their developers conference on April and May respectively and Apple has just announced their conference and sales of the conference tickets have yet start. If you're not familiar with WWDC or Apple's World Wide Developer Conference, basically it's a week full of geeky developer based activities.

The conference will start with an opening keynote in which Tim Cook and other Apple VPs will take the opportunity to talk about some new developer focused announcement. For the past few years, Apple has taken the opportunity to show upcoming versions of OSX and iOS before it is fully released in the fall.

Well, if we're lucky enough, Apple might also release some new hardware or tease some upcoming products like they did with the Mac Pro back in 2013.

This year, the tagline is "The epicenter of change" and the banner is filled with colorful circles and squares. We'll just have to wait for the internet to try and figure out what is Apple trying to imply. But with that all aside, Apple will most likely talk about the Apple Watch and probably some talks about unifying Apple software because Microsoft is planning to overhaul Windows in the Summer with the introduction of Windows 10.

Anyways, the date is June 8 and the time for the livestream in Malaysia will most likely be 1am in the morning.