Xiaomi unveils the Mi Drone, a modular drone that shoots 4K video

10:58:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

Xiaomi has been dabbling around with other products like rice cookers and air purifiers in the last year and they are continuing that with their venture in the world of drones. Besides 360 degree videos, drones are the next hot thing when it comes to videography. 

Just like all the other Xiaomi products in the past, the Mi Drone (as it is officially called) comes with features that rival products that are priced higher. Beginning later this year, Xiaomi will ship the Mi Drone to users in China for as low as CN‎¥‎ 2,499 (~US$ 380 / ~MYR 1,500) for the Mi Drone that shoots 1080P. There's also a Mi Drone that shoots 4K video but that is priced a little higher at CN‎¥‎ 2,999 (~US$ 460 / ~MYR 1,800)

Check out images of the drone itself below.

For more than half the price of a DJI Phanton 4, Xiaomi's new Mi Drone has the features to back it's price. While, the Xiaomi Mi Drone will not be as intelligent compared to the Phantom 4 in terms of obstacle avoidance but Xiaomi says that they have built a number of software features like the ability to navigate back home, orbiting and a geofencing mode which locks it to that specific area.

The camera is mounted on a three axis gimbal and the Mi Drone is controlled through a controller that uses a smartphone as the display. Find out more about what comes with the Mi Drone in Hugo Barra's recent live stream on Facebook.

In terms of design, the Xiaomi Mi Drone looks a lot like a quadcopter with 4 blades but the twist is that the Mi Drone is designed to be modular. Sections of the Mi Drone can be detached for maintain acne like the camera module and the rotors. Additionally, Xiaomi says that the 5,100mAh battery on the Mi Drone will be sufficient for 27 minutes of flight time.

What's the result of this sub-$500 drone? Check out the video below.