Pebble core is a $99 hackable fitness tracker that has 3G connectivity

1:29:00 PM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

Earlier today, Pebble opened up their third Kickstarter campaign where the company unveiled their second generation smartwatch. But alongside the announcement of that, Pebble also took advantage to introduce their first non-watch device. They are calling it the Pebble Core. 

On the surface, the Pebble Core is designed to be a versatile fitness tracker that is able to act as a GPS tracker, a SOS button (provided that you have a SIM card), a music streaming device that supports both wired and wireless earphones and and a voice note feature that takes advantage of the built in microphone.

At launch, Pebble says that the Core will be more of a fitness tracker but the company is open to change. With a hardware expansion port, an open SDK and 2 programmable buttons, Pebble is inviting developers to think of what other things that the Pebble Core might be useful for.

The Pebble Core will be available in 2017 for $99 but through the Kickstarter campaign, Pebble is offering the Pebble Core for as low as $69 alongside early access to the developer SDK. The campaign which has been successfully funded will see the Pebble Core being shipped beginning January 2017.

Learn more or consider backing the new Pebble Core here