OMEN X is HP's version of a backpack PC

9:02:00 PM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

HP recently announced their new OMEN lineup of gaming hardware and it looks like there is yet another member to the family. Say hello to the HP OMEN X or formerly known as the HP OMEN X VR PC Pack Hardware Development Kit. With this product, HP is trying to buck up the VR train as the OMEN X is designed to be both a portable computer and also a backpack. 

While the device is certainly not an actual product yet, HP says that the OMEN X will come with hardware that is capable of running VR games like the GTX 980. The device is also expected to come with either a Core i5 or Core i7 CPU, up to 32GB of DDR4 memory, up to 512GB of SSD storage and all of this will be enclosed in a backpack like case. It will also apparently weigh less than 10lbs or about 4.5kg.

At the moment, details are still scarce and HP is not revealing any technical details like how it is actually cooled and how long will it last on batteries.