OMEN by HP is a new sub-brand dedicated for gaming grade hardware

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HP is planning to jump back into the gaming scene once again and their new OMEN series will be used here on out to showcase their offerings for games. Just like what they did with their HP Spectre lineup earlier this year, the new OMEN series by HP is more of a subsection of the company. There's even a custom logo for the HP OMEN series that goes in place of the HP logo.

Starting off HP's series of gaming machines is three hardware products; a laptop, a tower PC and a monitor. All of these products not only come with the custom branding that HP is using for the OMEN series but they also bleed the color red.

The HP OMEN laptops are not going to win any design awards but HP has put in quite a number of exciting hardware into their new 15.3-inch and 17.3-inch OMEN laptops. Both variants can be configured with a 4K IPS display (but a 1080P option is the baseline) and the laptops will come with Intel's RealSense camera.

Both the HP OMEN 15.3-inch and 17.3-inch will be available beginning July 2016 for $899.99+ and $979.99+ respectively.

HP OMEN Laptop hardware configurations

— Up to Core i7 quad-core CPUs (Skylake)
— Up to GTX 965M graphics
— Up to 16GB of RAM
— Up to 512GB SSD
— Up to 10 hours of battery life

Moving on to the tower PC for those of you who want desktop grade hardware. The HP OMEN Desktop is a mid tower system that features a LED lighting system that reacts to the computer load. HP says that the OMEN Desktop can be upgraded manually by the users and can also be configured with top of the line hardware from both Nvidia and AMD.

HP isn't naming a price on the OMEN Desktop yet but the system will be available for purchase by August 2016.

HP OMEN Desktop hardware configurations

— Up to Core i7 6700K CPU
— Up to GTX 1080 or R9 390X graphics card
— Up to 32GBGB of RAM
— Up to 512GB SSD and 3TB HDD

And last but not least is this new OMEN by HP 32-inch display. The 32-inch panel might not be a 4K one (only 2560 x 1440) but it does feature AMD's FreeSync technology to provide a smooth gaming experience. Notably, the panel also features 100% coverage of the sRGB color space. Similar to the OMEN Desktop, HP is also not revealing any pricing details of this new monitor until it is released in August 2016

Details will be available at when the products become available