MSI's Backpack PC features a GTX 980 graphics card

12:04:00 PM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

Virtual reality has risen up in popularity in the last two years mainly because we finally have the hardware to pull it off. As the Oculus Rift has shown, gaming grade VR will still requires a powerful graphics card even by today's standard.

Enter the MSI Backpack PC. As the name suggests, MSI has built a computer that is also a backpack. Similar to the HP OMEN X, the Taiwan based company is also imagining the possibilities of a portable VR gaming setup. The backpack itself will come with hardware of a high end gaming computer.

The backpack itself will come with an integrated battery that will apparently enable the user to play upwards of 90 minutes of VR gaming. But the backpack itself is perfectly capable of running as a high end computer when plugged into a wall outlet. And just like the OMEN X, MSI's Backpack PC will also come with a Core i5 or Core i7 processor alongside a GTX 980 desktop graphics card.

No pricing nor availability has been revealed but don't expect it to be cheap. Head over to the source link to check out more photos.