Intel's Core i7 CPU finally gets 10 cores

5:32:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

At Computex 2016, Intel officially debut their new 6th generation extreme edition CPUs that feature the new Broadwell-E architecture. At launch, Intel will offer four different SKUs which is a bump up of the three that they usually do with extreme edition processors. The addition of the 4th SKU is mainly because the highest end option now includes 10 cores and 20 threads which is a first for intel in terms of the consumer market.

All the new Broadwell-E processors will support existing X99 motherboards but some boards might require a BIOS update in order to work. The new extreme edition processors are based on the 14nm process node and the new Broadwell-E architecture can have up to 3.4 billion transistors which is nearly twice the amount found in the i7-6700K.

But what's new across the board is that intel is launching Turbo Boots Max 3.0 which will help improve performance of both single and multi threaded applications by up to 15%. Intel says that this new Turbo Boost Max technology can be configured to boost the performance of the highest performing core for single threaded applications.

Finally, intel also improved overclocking features because this is an unlocked and extreme edition processor. Thew new Broadwell-E processors features a new heat spreader and a new fully soldered design to improve the thermals. New technologies like per voltage overclocking, AVX ratio offset and VccU voltage control are in place for better fine tuning.

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