Gmailify makes Outlook and Yahoo mail accounts work like Gmail

11:07:00 AM Dick Wyn Yong 0 Comments

Despite the rise of instant messaging, email is still an important part of communicating through the internet. Launched in 2004, Gmail is still the most widely used mail service out there with Yahoo and Outlook mail trailing behind. Last year, alongside the overhaul of the Gmail app to introduce material design, Google officially opened up the Gmail app to become a universal mail app that accepts both POP, IMAP and exchange emails which includes Outlook and Yahoo mail.

But despite being able to browse through emails, there is no added benefit of using the Gmail app for reading mail from Outlook and Yahoo other than convenience. Well, today Google is unveiling that very solution which they proudly call Gmailify which basically supercharges your existing Outlook and Yahoo email with exclusive Gmail features like automatic foldering, spam protection and Google Now cards.

The catch here is that this currently only work on the Gmail app on Android and Gmailify currently only supports .outlook and .yahoo emails so those of you with private domains will have to wait.