Microsoft is now recalling all Surface Pro AC Power Cords sold before July 2015

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Earlier this week, ZDNet reported that Microsoft is preparing to recall a select batch of power adapters for the company's line of Surface Pro devices sold before July 2015. That includes the first two Surface Pro tablets released in 2013 and the newer Surface Pro 3 released in 2014. Microsoft explains that this voluntary recall of AC Power Cords for Surface Pro tablets is due to fire hazards that may occur when the cable is repeatedly bent or wrapped.

Additionally, managed to get some confirmation from Microsoft Malaysia about this voluntary recall of the AC Power Cords will include those units sold in Malaysia. Now, here's the part that you need to take notice of if you bought a Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 2 or Surface Pro 1 prior to 15 July 2015 (in everywhere except US and Canada) or prior to 15 March 2015 in the US and Canada, you will now be able to receive a replacement AC Power Cord from Microsoft.

Microsoft AC Power Cord Recall

  • Surface Pro 
  • Surface Pro 2
  • Surface Pro 3 (sold before 15 March 2015 in the US and Canada)
  • Surface Pro 3 (sold before 15 July 2015 in countries other than US and Canada)

So, if your Surface Pro device falls in one of the categories above, you are now eligible to receive a complimentary no-questions asked replacement of an AC Power Cord. As mentioned earlier, the recall is due to a potential fire hazard that might occur. From the image above, you can see the difference in design between the old-style and new-style power cord.

"If you have a Surface Pro or Surface Pro 2, or a pre-March 15, 2015 Surface Pro 3, you should stop using your AC power cord and discard or recycle it in accordance with local requirements."
In order to get a free replacement for your Surface Pro AC Power Cord, you will need to head over to and request for a replacement (As per what the FAQ page says, you can only receive an AC Power Cord replacement directly from Microsoft and not through the store you bought your device from). On the page, you will need to sign in to the Microsoft account associated with your Surface Pro device and the system will validate your eligibility to receive a replacement of the AC Power Cord. Once you're done with that, replacement AC power cord will arrive within approximately 4 to 6 business days and shipping details will be emailed back to you.