Phanteks' new breakout box allows you to power two motherboards with one power supply

7:33:00 AM Dickwyn Y 0 Comments

Power supplies in general have gone up in wattage pretty significantly over the years but PC components have become more efficient in return and not everyone is going to run triple SLI/Crossfire on their system. So, what are you going to do with that excess wattage? Phanteks in particular is solving the problem of distributing that extra power headroom that your power supply has with their new Power Splitter breakout box that comes with a patented isolate dual system technology.

This solution according to Phanteks will allow power users to use a single power supply to drive two separate systems. This methodology in general is not something new but Phanteks' solution is well configured towards this situation and you can actually power down each system individually (and also have one system turned on and the other turned off) and will only stop drawing power when both system are turned off.
The breakout itself will draw power from a single 24-pin connector and two separate 8-pin connectors and from that it distributes a single 24-pin connector, dual 4-pin connectors and a supplementary 8-pin connector. This configuration means that you can provide power to even the most demanding motherboards with dual 8-pin EPS power.

In terms of compatibility, the new Phanteks Power Splitter with most of Phanteks' PC cases and power supplies. The board itself will support Phanteks' Drop-N-Lock mounting system which will ease mounting issues for their own line of cases.