Apple's next generation iPhone 6S gets shown off

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It is no surprise that Apple is planning to release a brand new iPhone in the Fall but how will it look like? 9To5Mac has released a whole gallery of images of the upcoming iPhone 6S and given their reputable history, this is the real deal. Last year, Apple overhauled the iPhone by bumping up the size of the iPhone 5 and thus creating a 4.7" and 5.5" iPhone.

Likewise, Apple is most likely following the 'S' series tradition by keeping the same design and improving on things internally. That's exactly what we're seeing here with 9To5Mac's images of the iPhone 6S. Of course we'll bee seeing a brand new Apple processor being implemented onto the iPhone 6S but for this set of leaks, we're focusing only on the exterior aluminum shell of the iPhone 6S which indicates quite a number of changes.

Seemingly enough, the iPhone 6's design will be brought forward to it's successor, the iPhone 6S and the dimensions of both the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus will be near identical than of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. This means that Apple might still be retaining the 4.7" and 5.5" display for both devices but 9To5Mac says there is still a possibility that the iPhone 6S Plus might be a little compact in size.

As for the rest of the exterior, nothing much has been changes and all the ports and holes line up with the existing iPhone 6. The camera and LED flash is still in it's spot and the camera of the iPhone 6S might still protrude out but there is no indication of the reported dual camera setup. Also, Apple is still using the antenna lines on the back of the iPhone 6S which could be because of the internal wirings of the frame.

Flipping over the underside of the device, 9To5Mac notes that the mounting holes for the new iPhone 6S have been modified and that could very well be because of the new Force Touch display which Apple is planning to integrate into the iPhone 6S's display.

That's about if for what has been uncovered with these images, we're not ruling out possibilities of newer color options for the iPhone 6S but don't count on it. Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 6S in September alongside the likes of Samsung's Galaxy Note 5 and also iOS 9.

Enjoy the full gallery of images below.